Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Frisch von der Finca

Für den Grosshändler

Wir liefern hervorragende Früchte (Chirimoyas ab September und Avocados der Sorte Hass ab November) auch sehr gerne palettenweise. Kontaktieren Sie uns! Wir stellen gerne gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihre Bestellung zusammen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre E-Mail.

Für den Endverbraucher

 Die Erntezeit der Bacon Avocados, handgepflückt und unbehandelt, hat begonnen. Meine Avocados warten nicht im Kühlhaus darauf verkauft zu werden, sondern ich pflücke sie frisch für Sie, am Tag Ihrer online Bestellung im AvocadoShop. Und Sie wissen, wer der Erzeuger ihrer Avocados ist! Binnen 24 Stunden geht Ihr Paket auf die Reise.

Hier geht es zum Avocadoshop

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Avocado Soup

Based on chicken stock, cream and glazed shallots, this is one of the great avocado recipes that can be served warm in winter or cold in summer. Frozen avocado pulp can be used.
Important: Never allow the soup to boil, otherwise the soup will be bitter! Remove the pot from the heat before it starts to boil.


4 finely chopped shallots
10g butter
1 ripe avocado
100 ml cream
500 ml chicken soup
salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
toasted flaked almonds
Braise shallots till translucent, add to the blender together with the chicken soup and avocado and blitz till smooth. Serve garnished with whipped cream and toasted, flaked almonds, which complement the nutty flavour of the avocado perfectly.
cold or hot avocado soup
Avocado soup with cream and almonds

Hinter dem Horizont geht´s weiter

Fried avocado with vanilla ice cream, covered in soy sauce
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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Avocado Terrine mit Gambas

Meine besten Avocado Rezepte für Geniesser, wie zum Beispiel Avocado Terrine mit Gambas, der ideale Frühstückssnack Avocadosmoothie mit Mango und Limette und natürlich das Avocadoeis, ein wirklich einfaches und schnelles Avocado Rezept, zeigen einige Ideen der so vielseitigen Frucht. Mehr hier

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Organic vs. Non-Organic Food

Under the Foods You Don't Need To Buy Organic is Top One

Buy untreated avocados here

Thanks to their thick, scaly skin, the pesticides used on avocados don't make their way into the flesh we love in guacamole, in salads, or pretty much on anything.

Avocados are another safe food that ends up with some of the lowest pesticide residues around. Maybe it’s the scaly skin and the way they just kinda “lurk” there up in tree tricking pests into thinking they’re up against alligators. Maybe it’s the fact that a bug got burned one too many times with a beautiful looking avocado that turned out to be stringy and brown on the inside. Maybe pests just hate waiting for an avocado to ripen (who doesn’t?) and give up. Actually, even though a somewhat significant amount of chemicals can be used on avocado orchards, they just don’t make it into the fatty, delicious flesh we crave and consume.

Avocado farmers, both organic and conventional, do use extensive amounts of copper as a fungicide. Copper is an essential nutrient, but too much can be harmful. A single Florida avocado contains 0.9 mg, which is about 100% of the RDI, so don’t go around eating several a day.